Mahmut Görgen met with music lovers with his new song: "LOCO"

16.03.2021 - Salı 12:10

Mahmut Görgen, who stands out as one of Turkey's most characteristic DJs, is now on all digital platforms in 190 countries with his new song "Loco".


"Loco", which emerged with Mahmut Görgen's distinctive musical style and Marian's vocal, is Mahmut Görgen's second song released in 2021 and has already attracted music lovers. Featuring Lyrics in English and Spanish, the song is about abandonment and separation.


Mahmut Görgen's opinions on the album are as follows: ‘’I am very excited to have gone out of my way for a long time and combined the different arrangements and two different languages I made in one song. 'Loco' is the first step in realizing the projects I've wanted for a long time. The pandemic period has given us a very serious time to focus more on every detail of this work so the gratitude of music fans for my work will be the biggest motivation for me.’’


Loco Warble Media has met with music lovers on all digital platforms.



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